Diamond coated shank end mills

Graphite componets can be manufactured five times faster and achieve a better quality with high speed milling than with conventional chip-removal technologies. However this requires solid carbide end mills with best wear resistance and long tool life. Balinit®diamond coated carbide tools outperform all other cutting materials in this respect.

The diamond hard coating increases the tool life of solid carbide tools by a factor of 10. Complex workpieces can be machined with one end mill in one set-up. This single-pass machnining improves the quality of graphite electrodes. Costly reworking becomes superfluous.

The manufactures of the die and mold and the semiconductor industry use this advantage when producing graphite electrodes for the EDM applications for forging dies, pressure die-casting moulds, injection moulds for plastics, precision components such as graphite boats, graphite crucibles, graphite susceptors.

Balinit® diamond coated solid carbide end mills are more and more used for machining fibre-reinforced plastics, copper and- precious metals.

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