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Perfection through precision

at the company S. v. Bassewitz GmbH & Co. KG

S. v. Bassewitz GmbH & Co. KG

Sawing, milling & precision tools for the die and mold industry

The S. v. Bassewitz GmbH & Co. KG with their integrated engineering society offers a complete end mill programme for the die and mold industry for steel up to HRC 65, for graphite and Al-Si alloys. We will offer regulary our complete programme in the Internet.

Hard and dry cutting
The dry cutting or cutting with compressed air - as well as with minimum coolant quantity reduce the waste disposal cost of the chips (appr. 10 - 15% of the production costs)
Most modern coating technology like TiAlN, Balinit FUTURA NANO, Balinit X.CEED, Balinit ALCRONA (AlCrN) as well as nano-crystalline diamond (for graphite or nonferrous metals) result in extreme cutting efficiency and thereby reduce the main cutting and finishing time.
Machine concept for High Speed Cutting
To avoid geometric deformations and deviations in dimensions caused by heat, the hot swarf have to be removed from the working area as fast as possible by using the gravity as well the higher acceleration and chip deflection.
Cutting material
By using ultra fine micrograin carbide (average grain size 0,4 µm) our HSC-cutting tools get an extremely sharp edge finish. Maximum proportion of hardness and toughness as well as a high heat resistance facilitate an increased tool life and production security.


New trochoidal end mills with variable helix

Variable helix, extra long flutes, chip breaker, corner radius or chamfer

Our new trochoidal end mills with variable helix (5 flutes 37°/38° + 41°/42° right-hand helix) are ideally suited for machining steel (37°/38°) as well as stainless steel, heat resistant alloys or titanium (41°/42°) with trochoidal milling techniques. Please find cutting data and dimensions in the included


overall product catalog

Everything from A to Z , from aluminum to titanium

In our new catalogue you can find information about:

  • Solid carbide saw blades, circular knives, saw blade chucks,
  • carbide shank end mills for conventional processing, for special applications, for steel, aluminum, for graphite and composite materials ( CFK / GFK )
  • Shank end mills in powder steel and HSSCo8
  • Carbide burrs
  • Solid carbide high performance drill for universal applications